I have been asked for an update on the man in uniform. The update is two thumbs up! We had a lunch date this past Monday and it was just as fantastic as our first date the week before. We talked for close to 2 hours before I realized that I had to go back to work. He is very confortable to be around and easy to talk to. Our biggest hurdle is finding time to actually see each other. We both have our kids 4+ nights per week and we both work, unfortunately neither our work schedules or schedules with the kids has yet to coincide which is why we had the lunch date. He called me and asked when he could see me again and we are struggling to find a common night to meet but he said “I will find the time!” which is definitely a good sign. He wanted to see me again tonight or tomorrow night because he doesn’t have his kids but I have mine so I had to decline.  

I have a good feeling about this one.. now just to decide if I should accept any of the other dating requests that I have or just continue on this path with him. I know that we aren’t exclusive but the last time I was dating multiple people at once not only was it confusing but it was exhausting! In the interim, we talk every day and I will take this one day at a time.

So still more to come…. 🙂

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