My friend, who we will call Jen, met a guy, who we will call Bob, on a dating website a couple of weeks ago and they began talking on the phone and texting back and forth to get to know each other. Although they live 2 hours apart, he was interested enough in her to make the drive and she was interested enough in him to agree to meet him.

 They started the date at a coffee shop and had plans to have dinner from there. They met in the parking lot and headed in to order their lattes. As they stood at the counter of the coffee shop, before they even had a chance to place their order, Bob’s phone rang. He told Jen that he had to take the call because it was his daughter. Jen could hear his daughter yelling into the phone asking when he would be home or more like telling him to get home. After spending 10 minutes babying her on the phone, he finally ended the call and gave Jen the attention that she deserved. They made it through coffee and headed to dinner where the phone interruptions continued. His 16 and 18 year old daughters, as well as their nanny called at least a dozen times throughout the course of dinner. It was odd enough that teenage girls needed a nanny but it became very clear that they were both spoiled brats who had complete control of their father.

 As if the phone calls weren’t enough of a turn off, the conversations in between the interruptions revealed that his life was filled with more drama than The Jersey Shore.

In addition to his 2 teenage daughters he has 3 other children and 2 step-children. The two middle children are locked up, one in a mental institution and the other in prison for drugs. The youngest two were taken away 2 years ago by DCYF because his ex-wife had “falsely” accused him of molesting them. Even his ex-wife has a rap sheet of her own.This guy doesn’t just have baggage, he has at least 4 full storage units full of shit.

As I was listening to her tell me about the evening, what I have running through my mind is why the hell would ever he bring this shit up on a first date, or ever for that matter!? I am all about honestly and people accepting others for who they are but let’s face it, this guy is FUCKED!


The date ended with him apologizing for the interruptions and the discussions about his ex but there was no way that Jen was ever planning on seeing him again. She left that parking lot as a changed woman, a woman who has given up on dating for a while because sadly this is not the first or even second story that is about her. She needs a breather from the dating scene and she most definitely needs to stay away from certain dating sites.

 And someone really needs to tell Bob that he might want to consider turning his phone off and saving his insane life story until at least the second date! 


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