Let me introduce myself! I’m Anya and I was born in Russia – I immigrated to the United States with my parents in 1978. As a little girl, I didn’t understand the risk that my parents took in an effort to gain freedom and provide me with a better future. Over the years, I’ve learned how difficult it was for them to start over with no money, while learning a second language in a new country. As more family members were able to immigrate to the US, I saw each one of them learn to speak English, gain careers and become successful citizens.  

Inspired by their work-ethic, perseverance and success, I refused to accept mediocrity.  

At the age of 16, I began working as a telemarketer for a mortgage company. By 17, I was the assistant manager of the department. After graduating high school at 18, I progressed within the mortgage business by becoming a top selling loan officer and I was managing a team of loan officers by 22.  I later transitioned into banking where I’ve held various roles over the years. While working full time, raising two children and managing various businesses, I pursued my education. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and then obtained my Master’s Degree from Law School.  

Through all of this success, there was a common theme – I struggled with relationships. I have always had wonderful friendships but my love life was not on the same positive trajectory as my personal and professional life.   

After navigating the dating scene as a single, divorced mother of two, I began blogging for fun. My initial blogs were light-hearted, poking fun at my dating experiences, online dating and the male species in general. Then I met the narcissist. My blogging, like the rest of my hobbies and desires, took a backseat to accommodate his. 

The continuous verbal, mental and emotional abuse paralyzed me within the relationship – until one day. After seven years of living a lie, I decided to take my life back and escaped from his control.   

I began writing and blogging again. Writing was therapeutic for me; it helped me process my emotions and assisted in healing from the pain and trauma the narcissist had caused. As the healing process began through sharing my experiences, I found out my story was reaching others and more importantly, helping them begin to heal too.  

I am here to speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs.
It’s time to break the cycle of narcissistic abuse.   

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