This is today’s winning dating profile

.” i am a fruitcake! i dont not follow the same path as others. i am very intelligent, and somtimes very stupid. i love to be an adult kid, but i am serious when i have to be.

 the BASICS 1 i have my own place- i know crazy right well i quess that is a requirement

2 i have a good job- i work my ass off and i love it

3-i have my own car- another shocker i know imagine that i could actually pick you up and take you somwhere and pay

 ! if you fall into any of these catorgories please step away from my profile

1 you are on wefare and decied that your life plan is to have another kid every year to boost ur check.

2 you consider your self better than everyone else, take that stick you have jamed up ur ass and beat yourself with it

3if you think that every guy on the internet is a serial killer, are you fuckin kidding me ?

 4 if you a guy

 5 if you havent seen you feet in years, sorry not intrested. 6 if you a boring prude with the personality of a house plant

you should contact me if

1if you are awsome

2 if you want to meet a great guy

3if you like to just have fun and do crazy things

4if you have a great personality

5if you want to laugh

 I am funny, fruitcake, and flubbernibbits”

I only have one question.. what the hell is flubbernibbits????

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