I am being labeled as a man hater. So maybe I am a little bit of a man hater but when you think about it I wouldn’t write so much about them if I didn’t actually love them. So there you have it, I love and hate men at the same time.

Men offer something unique to women, as friend or as lovers they are an asset to us, while also being a pain in our ass. I love the way a man smells. I love a deep voice. I love their strong presence I love to watch them fix things. And I love being in their arms.

What I hate about them is that I can’t understand them. That’s pretty much it. Their actions and reactions have never made sense to me which is one of the reasons that I write about it. It makes me feel less crazy to know that I am not alone in this thought process and there’s an added bonus, I get feedback from the baffling species themselves.

So hear me out boys, I don’t hate you, I love you but you confuse the hell out of me!

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