This post is meant for all of you who read this blog for the wrong reasons, for those who want to talk shit, and think that it’s meant as a tool to sabotage my ex. Let’s get something straight here- I don’t give a fuck what you think about me- so thanks for bumping up my stats and bringing the blog to the attention of those who do matter and who this is meant for. It’s clear that you have never been with a narc, or in an abusive relationship and don’t understand what it does to your soul and mental health. Everyone has their own way of healing and mine is to write. The added bonus is that I am able to bond with others who have been in the same situation, helping them realize that what happened was not their fault.

How ironic that I am being chastised for telling the TRUTH. I am the asshole, while my ex-narc is put on a fucking pedestal by these delusional assholes. Someone in his friends circle decided to share my blog site to my ex, his girlfriend (yet they chose to hide the truth from her ,about so many things, for quite some time 🤔), family, and other friends. None of this was meant to fall into their hands, since his behavior has always been excused by everyone because he’s the “life of the party” and picks up the tab on a regular basis. I never expected those in his circle and by his side to care about the content of this blog because they will forever be wearing rose-colored glasses. They will talk shit about him behind his back, just like they did when we were together. They will keep calling him a douche and talk about the nasty things he did but still smile to his face and look forward to the next party. They LOVE drama, and this is the perfect tool for them to use- so if they have nothing better to do with their time, that’s fine with me, keep promoting my blog- I’ll send you all a thank you card.

I have kept the friends and family from his circle who are real and know the truth – the rest can go fuck themselves, because I have my own amazing, GENUINE, friends and family who will never betray me.

If you decide to keep reading so that you have something to gossip about, and you want to make up your own bullshit stories about the purpose of this blog is, that’s on you.

For those of you who understand what this blog is really about, thank you for all of your support, love and for sharing your stories. I won’t stop writing. The healing that has come from this, can’t be measured. The love that I have in my life now can’t be diminished.

More great content coming soon!

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