These days it seems like there is always a new and innovative way to meet singles. One day at brunch with my friend who is exploring the dating scene again we chatted about the douche bags she keeps coming across. A cute little nosy girl next to us, jumped in the conversation and you have to try TINDER! Download it now!

We looked at each other confused, “Tinder”? Hmmm… never heard of it, but she said, hell I’ll give it a shot. Now that I am almost hitched, these are the times I live vicariously though my single friends. We downloaded the app right then and there and holy shit was it enlightening.

The introduction is quite fabulous “It’s how people meet. It’s real life, but better”. Ok, that sounds pretty awesome. Let’s see how this app works. Within minutes of clicking a few yes or no boxes and linking to her Facebook, photos of men in the nearby vicinity popped right up.

Swipe left for NOPE Like or right for LIKE LIKEY. If he LIKES you and you LIKE him, there is a notification of a match! Then let the messaging begin.

What it comes down to is that this app is completely and utterly superficial, based solely on looks. It’s like going to a bar and sending a telepathic message that you think a guy is hot and the message being returned when reciprocated.

Of course similar to a bar or other dating sites, there is a good share of tools.
We have the Bathroom Bachelor- love the urinals

The Dutch Boy

Lobster got my nipple boy


I say I like women, but my photo says otherwise
photo 4

I can take a selfie while bouncing on a ball at the gym with a stick in my crotch
photo 5

Check out my hairy chest and the balls hanging out of my daisy dukes
photo (4)

And of course, everyone loves a pimp
photo (5)

So if nothing else, the site is quite entertaining and maybe once you get to know someone you “like”, you can get past the surface.

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