She meets him at mutual friend’s house and everybody’s opinion of him is “He’s a really nice guy!” So what does a girl who has met a string of douchebags do? She gives him a shot.

They start texting and talking and quickly set a first date. She plans the date and he picks her up in his souped up, carefully waxed, pristinely maintained sports car. Ok, so two red flags that get ignored because of the nice guy references. 1) She plans the date and 2) He clearly loves his car more than any person should love an inanimate object. 

I digress… the date goes well and they continue on this string of  daily texting and additional dates.. ALL planned by her.

On one of their dates, on a humid night, she flat ironed her hair and got dressed up to go out with him only to have him show up in his second vehicle, an old, beat down car with no air conditioning. About 3 minutes into the ride as her hair was sticking to the back of her neck and she was starting to look like Diana Ross, she asked if they could turn around and take her vehicle that had A/C. Again, she ignored the red flag, an unhealthy love of his car, which he apparently did not want to take out in the rain. I’m surprised that he had such concern with the layers wax that I know he had on there.

They had a great date, besides the car issue and had a discussion about getting take-out clam cakes and drinking a bottle of wine on the beach the following night (again, her plan). When she texts him to ask what time they are meeting, an hour later her responds saying that he just got home from work and asks if they can do something “low key”. Confused as to how much more low key can getting take-out clam cakes, drinking her bottle of wine and sitting on the local beach be, she tells him that their plan IS low key and offers him an out… “We don’t have to go out if you’re tired”. His reply “We can go if you want to”.

That last text sealed their fate. What do you do with a 30 somthing year old man who lives with his mother, doesn’t know how to plan a date and loves his car so much that he could probably never love another person.

It’s a sad situation. There is still no doubt that he is a “very nice guy” but unfortunately he is more of a “nice boy” who is not ready for the big bad world of dating a woman. I hope his car is a loyal and faithful companion.


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