Mr. Disappearing act from last year who resurfaced after I started dating my current man remained on my FaceBook page and we decided to be friends since by the time he came to his “realization”, I was already taken.  For the previous backstory please read:


He seemed to be genuinely nice and was also deemed a “nice guy” by other mutual friends so when a friend of mine was looking to start dating I thought he might be a good candidate.

I don’t often give guys the benefit of the doubt but his story seemed legit and he had been very newly divorced when we had met so I suggested them to each other as a possible “love connection”. I introduced them one night and they seemed to hit if off and so it began. He started texting her daily and made a date for one week out. He was having a party at his house a few days after the initial meeting and invited her to join and she agreed. The party was for a close friend and co-worker of his and she figured it would be a good way to get to know him. Little did she know that his family would also be at this party but she got along very well with everyone there. Some of his friend’s wives gave her their phone number and wanted to make sure that they got to see her again. After the party was over and she was about to head to home he reminded her of their upcoming date 2 days later and gave her a kiss goodbye. He text her many times the following day telling her about the aftermath of the party and his plans to rest for the day. Date night comes and guess what happens?


More Crickets.

The date never came and his “realization” text this time came 3 weeks later instead the year that he waited with me. Clearly he is STILL not over his ex-wife and has some serious issues.

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