My good friends experience:

After conversing back and forth for a couple of weeks we decided to meet. We met at a bar and grill and had a few drinks. We hit it off and texting continued the next morning and into the day after that. He asked me to go out again and I agreed. He picked the date, time and place and I met him there. This time we got to know a little more about each other. What I learned about him was enough to make me realize that we really don’t have much of anything in common. His favorite and only TV show that he watches is SouthPark. He doesn’t have the internet. He only has a Facebook page so that he can like History Pages. He plays video games, a lot. And my favorite quality is that in his free time, he spends time in his spare room building World War II model airplanes. Yes, model airplanes. So if that wasn’t enough to turn me off, when the bill came to the table, he looked at the bill and put down half of the money (with a shitty tip mind you). So I knew that was the end and even though I turned my head and ducked when he tried to kiss me, he attempted one last contact the next morning. He knew from our previous conversation that I was working out of town the following morning. So at around 7:30 that morning he text me that he checked the traffic cams and that I should have a good commute to the office. 

Another dork bites the dust.

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