Today this question was posed: Is it normal/typical for a guy to start using nicknames for you (baby, beautiful, etc) after 3 dates (via text)

My answer to this question is simple… NO. Any guy I have encountered who started with these sweet nicknames early on turned out to be a douche. My theory is that they use these for some or all of these reasons:

1) They don’t have to use your name which means that other girls are getting these same text messages or have in the past.

2) They are overly aggressive and may develop stalkerish behaviors because they really think that you are their “baby”.

3) They are trying too hard. And soon enough they will probably disappear.  

4) They are needy. They use these names because they want you to use them back when you address them.

5) They will probably tell you that they love you by date 6.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. It may be flawed and not 100% accurate but it’s been accurate for me. What about the rest of you

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