Many of my original followers and some of my newer followers may or may not know, that what prompted me to start this blog, was a bad break-up. The original douche bag who prompted the blogs below and now I feel that I owe an update, so here goes.

Prior blogs about the original douche bag: 


I started a new job last month in a different building which means that I no longer have to see him or the girl who I referred to as the “trash bag”. This fact alone makes me very happy. I do however still get updates here and there from mutual friends/co-workers and most recently I was informed that the “trash bag” dumped him on or around Christmas day. Ouch. Maybe this is where karma comes in to play? I always told him that this girl was selfish and she was the only priority in her life and that their “friendship” and then relationship wouldn’t withstand the test of time. I’m no love genius, matter of fact, just the opposite, I suck at my own love life. I do however, have great intuitions and almost flawless predictions of other people’s love life.

So I hate to say it, BUT I was right. 

It’s been said that since the dumping he is moping around the office (must be awkward to be in the same department), buying her coffees that she refuses to drink, begging for her to take him back and basically making a complete ass out of himself. This is all too familiar of a scene for me. I would be lying if I said that this didn’t bring a little joy to my heart. Its sounds evil and vindictive but honestly, it’s not. I don’t wish bad things for him, but when you start a relationship with someone under those terms, this is almost always the inevitable ending. It will hopefully be a lesson learned.

For me, since the break-up, my life has greatly improved. I am no longer angry or bitter. My health is back on track, my new job is very rewarding, I am buying a new home on my own and I am in a good place with my not so new relationship. Still many more bumps in the road, but overall life is good and my attitude is even better!



  1. Seems like we’re going thru the same thing.

    Not sure what the deal is with my ex and his new “wife” (that’s QUITE the story in its’ own) as of right now, but as time has evolved, I am finding out more and more everyday that my ex is a big, dumb, overgrown, loudmouthed jock with a disgusting sense of entitlement, and NONE of what went down was EVER my fault. He will be the creator of his own bad karma, as did your ex. I KNOW I am better off without him; he is not my problem anymore.

    And this ex of yours sounds like a real piece of work. I say to take as much pleasure as you want in seeing him get back the bullshit he handed you. And, good luck on your new house and everything!


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