Jealousy can be the ultimate death in a relationship. If you allow yourself to be consumed with what your partner is doing, then you are only short changing yourself.

We all get jealous and have moments where we are consumed with what could be happening, because jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment. I get jealous at times but then I take a step back into the reality of the situation. If you trust your partner, then you have to let your jealousy go. Sure, there will always be someone prettier, thinner, maybe more compatible in some ways but the bottom line is that you have to remember that your man is with you and not them.

I have recently found myself less jealous and more confident than ever.  I remind myself that I have a lot to offer someone and if they chose to not take what I have to offer, then it is their loss. I am confident with who I am and I am also comfortable alone. I am with my boyfriend not because I need him but because I love him in my life. 

I don’t want to know his phone code, see his texts or follow him wherever he may go. I want him to know that he is being entrusted with my heart and that I expect him to respect that just as I respect him.

I haven’t always been this way but I must admit that I am much happier in this state of mind and in the healthy relationship that I am in.

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