Five months in and my relationship is still going strong. All of those nice things that happen at the beginning of the relationship aren’t starting to fade, just the opposite, he does more nice things now than he did at the beginning. I still get a Good Morning text every morning and a Good Night text every night. He still plans ahead so that he can see me on the nights I don’t have the kids and he wants to spend quality time with me. We go to his parents house for dinner every other Sunday, one of my favorite traditions that I never have with my own family since they live 5 hours away.

When I hurt my ankle this past weekend, he took care of me. He sat me on the couch, fireplace on, remote in my hand and a fleece blanket over me and cooked us dinner. He brought me ice packs and got me anything that I needed.  The day before that he came home with a dozen roses. Whenever I am going anywhere, he always says be careful and wants to know that I made it home safely. Bottom line is that he is thoughtful, something that was missing from my last relationship.

He is far from perfect and I am not claiming that I have found the long lost prince charming but he is a pretty fantastic boyfriend and potential partner in life. The kids have both finally met him and spent some time around him. Things are starting to fall into place and I am just enjoying each day without questioning anything. This is first for me, no analyzing, questioning or doubting.

I am comfortable with him and in his home, a home that he has made me feel part of. I helped pick out the granite for his fireplace and the curtains for his living room.

I keep wondering if this is what a normal relationship is supposed to be like because I haven’t been in this place ever before. I know it’s still early and we have much more time to spend together and things to learn about one another but I must admit that I feel good about where we are now.

I guess it was worth dating douche bags so that I could finally date a nice guy.


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