Scrolling through my friend’s online dating options and helping her make some selections has inspires us to write about some of the horrific photos and outfits that men feel will land them a date.

1) The shiny club shirt will not attract the ladies and frankly it gave me a headache looking at the pattern.

The shiny club shirt





2) The patriotic golf belt. Bad enough he wore it, worse, he is proud to display it.

3) The Christmas sweater- enough said.

Holidays gone bad






4) The porn stash with the comb over on chin

Porn Stash


5) The Speedo- EWWE





6) Shirtless AND in the mirror- never mind that it looks like he’s in his undies but his body isn’t even hot.






7) The turtleneck. No man should EVER wear a turtleneck.

never ever





8) Jean Shorts- they went out of style at least 20 years ago. Burn them, donate them or use them for a Halloween costume.


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