She met him at work, a job that would portray him to be a respectable, educated, intelligent and responsible human being. Granted, attempting date at work can be risky but really where else is a girl to meet a “normal” guy.

He’s handsome, muscular and a military man, what could be hotter than that? He started off by making small talk on the way into work and then gradually asked to go out some time. The exchanging of phone numbers opened the gateway to fatal attraction.

The beginning texts were seemingly normal and appropriate in the early stages of getting to know someone. She thought that this guy had some real potential. Everything appeared to look good in person and on paper.

Then the texting became too frequent, too personal with an intimacy that they didn’t have yet since they had only really known each other for a few days.

Some red flags from the beginning should have been when he told her that his ex said that he was controlling and when he told her that she was perfect,

If you wonder what this really means here are some examples of what he sent her:

Youtube links for My first, my last, my everything

“You are my princess”

Her response was “I’m not yours yet”

And he responded with “You are, you just don’t know it yet”

“I miss you” (after knowing her for 3 days)

“I see you in my future but I am taking this relationship one day at a time. Don’t want to be afraid to love, I did not realize the day I met you that my guard crumbled.”

“I’m in heaven when I see you”

“You gave me hope. In all my life never felt this way. I’m living in a dream. I don’t ever want to wake up from this fantasy.”

“I love to see you even if for a second, you make my day”

“Every day could be yours. Just thought of you takes all my anger away”

“Good morning, I’m ready to tackle my day. Waiting for our plans today or tomorrow, maybe both days, miss you FALLEN ANGEL he sent you from heaven just for me”

“I’m taking my first baby steps with the one, my girlfriend”

Her response was “We went out once, I am not your girlfriend” (she had never even kissed this man!)

He doesn’t stop at this point, he keeps on going that he will wait for her and sends her photos of a rose and his muscles. He sends one text after another and another including telling her that they are meant to be together and could make a beautiful family.

It’s when he said that he wasn’t a stalker, crazy or going to continue to pursue her and said that he likes his clean record, even after she made it clear where they did and didn’t stand., that she knew it was time to make it even more clear.

The texting, pictures, and sending of quotes, the last one read:  I will love you always and forever. He even text her “Sorry about the harassment LOL” She finally asked him to just stop texting her because she told him that she was seeing someone else and he was being inappropriate. His response “I’m ok, good luck. I will delete your number. Nice meeting you. Good luck again. I am here if you need me anytime.”

Thankfully, this was 2 days ago and he hasn’t resurfaced YET but only time will tell if this clinger will be back again. My bet is yes but let’s hope I’m wrong.





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  1. YES he will reappear.

    How do I know that?? I just got out of a sham of a relationship with whom I believe to be a Sociopath. Professed “true love”, promised marriage, told me he wanted me to be with him “forever”. Wanted me to bear his kids.

    Mind you, all of this took place within the first month of us talking/dating.

    Problem is, this guy was never faithful. Cheated on me and manipulated me. There is MUCH MORE to this story than what I will post here. He ended up marrying the girl he cheated on me with less than two months after breaking up with me and less than six weeks after dating her. Told me to never contact him again, yet apparently kept my number and called me this past August.

    What I can say, from my own experiences, is NO CONTACT. DO NOT allow this guy to contact you again. Cos HE WILL be back. Sociopaths often go back to the targets of old, failed relationships. I’ve done plenty of research as of late. Change your number if you have to. Not sure what my ex wanted, cos he never left a vox mail or a text when he called. I only called the number back cos I didn’t know who it was and I was at work.

    Bizarre behaviour like this that you described is textbook sociopath behaviour. No ifs, ands, or buts. What also connects my ex with yours is that mine is in the Military as well.

    Keep your head up, and hopefully this experience will allow you to grow and be a better person. Don’t let it tear you down.


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