My friend is at the point of frustration with men. I have been there and so have many other of my girlfriends. She is convinced that all men are commitment phobes and just wants to find a man who wants the same things that she does.

She wants someone to hang out with, have good conversation with, go on dates with and have mind blowing sex with. She is looking for someone who is around a couple of nights a week and that’s it. The only commitment she wants is that he is not sleeping  with anyone else, that’s it.

She doesn’t believe in happily ever after since her 12 year marriage that seemed like the perfect marriage to her, turned out to be a complete sham. So all that she wants is a one guy to have fun with and not look too far into the future.

She isn’t opposed to sleepovers once in a while, but overall she really likes her own space.

Does this sound like something that would be hard to find?? Apparently it is.

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