My friend is an online dating site virgin so she asked for my help and I gladly agreed. We set her up with a profile and slowly she started filtering through prospects and deciding who she wanted contact with.

She exchanged emails with a few bachelors and was even brave enough to give one her phone number. The texting began with the usual “getting to know you” questions and she was feeling pretty good about this guy.

Within 24 hours the texting turned from getting to know you to downright creepy. The first text that had a creep factor read “I like to rub nyloned feet, are you wearing any?”. She wrote it off as bad flirting and a possible foot fetish but from there things only got worse.

The next text that screamed creeper read “Do you like toys? Do you have a strap on?” When she didn’t answer that text, her proceeded to ask her if she was into girls.

So another mystery solved of why this guy who looked good on paper and in pictures is single. He is clearly a sick and demented perv.

This creep is now blocked from her online profile and his phone number is on her block list. Guess it’s time for him to go rub someone else’s feet while they’re wearing a strap on and kissing a girl!

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