“A financial analyst who owns a farm would be perfect!”

“All I want is the ability to talk, vent, have dinner, drinks, fun and then mind blowing sex.”

“Someone who will make me chicken soup when I’m sick”

“Someone who will tell me what to do but still love me when I don’t do what he tells me.”

“Someone real and IS who he claims to be”

“Someone honest, fun, can communicate and is wiling to be a boyfriend”

Honest, funny, caring and cool with cash.”

“Honest, faithful & committed”

“Un-medicated, not distracted by shiny things and isn’t a total bitch when he has a little cold!!!!! oh and isn’t a total douche bag!!!! 😉

“Doesn’t live with their mommy!!!!”

“How about…. A woman!”

“A man with a brain, conscience and heart that all WORK TOGETHER. (*Proper credit score is a plus)

“Christian Grey toned down a few notches, and minus the 50 shades of f’d up and the obsessive overprotective control freak thing”

“One who will take out the trash and cut the grass. One who will let me pick up a phone and call someone to do a project in the house when he won’t do it himself”

“A Trainable Mute”

“Trustworthy,honest,loyal,makes me laugh!,affectionate and protective but not up my ass and a stalker,easy on the eyes and wicked smat..lmao(had to say it) someone who can stimulate me mentally and physically so basically its ON all of the time,lmao,of course,educated,good work ethic,responsible but really almost forgot the MOST important thing..someone who doesn’t snore bc I would hate the pillow to accidently cover his face when he was sleeping one night…”

“Someone with teeth..seriously, I just got hit on at the oral surgeon’s office by someone who was there to have multiple teeth removed.. this is my life…”




“More mind blowing sex…”

Enough said!



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