My friend who will call Debbie met this guy who we will call John through a friend who thought they would be a great match. They had good careers, were established, owned their own homes, had similar personalities and were close in age. Well her friend was right. They instantly hit it off and before you know it they were spending all of their time together. He would buy her things, take her places, send her flowers and every day tell her how much he enjoyed being around her. Within months he told he told her loved her and he continued to tell her every single day thereafter.

There was only one strange thing, he was a Jehovah witness and told her that they couldn’t have sex because it wasn’t in his religion to unless they were married. So even they slept in the same bed often, the relationship was never sexual. Although she found it to be odd, she fell in love with him and came to work every day with a smile. About 7 months into the relationship, John started to act a little strange and he even told Debbie that he might be impotent and it was depressing him because he didn’t know if it was his religion or something more serious that wouldn’t allow him to be sexual.

Then 2 months later, he told her that he had to break off their relationship because he was going back to his religion, he needed to be a full time Jehovah. He even preached God to her and read her excerpts from the bible. He said that no woman could come between him and his God. She was devastated.

After seeing her mom depressed, Debbie’s daughter decided to call John (she secretly had Debbie on the phone with her) to ask him how he could leave her mom for his religion? It was at that moment that he confessed that the truth, he had met someone else.

Debbie was even more in shock with this new information and decided to talk to one of his friends to find out more information.

It turns out that those last 2 months that John was acting strange was when he met this other woman who was 15 years younger than him. A woman who has no job, no car and absolutely nothing to offer him but apparently he can put aside his God and impotence to sleep with her!

This solidifies one of my earlier blog posts. Just because they believes\ in God doesn’t mean they’re not an asshole.

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