I have this male friend who we will call Mike and he has a pretty bad reputation for being a pig, player, Casanova or whatever you want to call him. I’m sure he has heard it all. In the many years that I have known him he has never been faithful to any woman he has been in a relationship with, until recently. By recently, I mean very recently.

Mike finally seemed to be settling down and in a long stretch of being faithful to this one woman. Mike has a teenage son who we will call Jack. Jack lives with him and has a girlfriend who spends quite a bit of time at the house along with a lot of his friends and their girlfriends.

Mike was in the shower the other morning when his girlfriend found a pair of thongs under his bed and stormed into the bathroom and asked the question any woman would ask in that situation, “What the hell is THIS!?”. For once in his life, he was completely innocent and dumbfounded by her findings. He plead his case, swore on his mothers life, even called his son to try to get a confession. But with his reputation and past, she didn’t believe him and basically told him to go fuck himself. He knows that those underwear ended up there because of his son but it doesn’t matter how honest he is now, she doesn’t want to hear it. He has cried wolf too many times.

So all of those times he lied and cheated and got away with it have now bit him in the ass and it seems a little bit of karma has come his way. I love Mike as a friend and as a person but I think he needed a little douche bag alert. I just hope this doesn’t stop him from being faithful to the next one!

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