1) “I didn’t feel well” So sometimes this can be legit but once I had a guy not call or text me for days and the excuse he used was that he had the stomach bug. You know, the 24 hour bug that happened to affect him for 96 hours and so severely that he couldn’t send a text. A friend of mine is dating a guy now who has had the “summer flu” all month so he is just too tired to be bothered. I would have to say that both of there are bullshit excuses.

2) “My phone died”. Again, this could on OCCASION be a valid excuse but for the most part, it’s a cop-out. Most people have a car charger or can use a friend’s phone if they really want to contact you.

3) I did call/text didn’t you get it?” Although phone service can sometimes be flawed most people would attempt another phone call or text if they didn’t get a response from you after the first time, especially if you are one to normally respond fairly quickly.

4) “I had no service”. There are some spots with no service but I would only buy this as a one-off. There are plenty of cell towers around now-a-days.

5) “I got stuck at work” Depending on their profession, they can most likely send you a quick text to let you know that they are stuck at work. Last guy who used this excuse on a friend was caught out at a bar with another girl. Just saying.

And don’t worry boys, I ‘m not saying you’re all full of shit and there will be times that one of these statement could be legit but let’s just say that more often than not, they’re bullshit.

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