A friend of mine who recently had a baby and became single again shared her story with me. Although she was not ready to date, there was someone who was interested in her and she let him stop by while her sister was over. She thought it was a pretty good first time meeting but as he was leaving to head home her asked her if he could try some of her breast milk! Yes, that’s right, her breast milk! The least he could have done was taken her out to dinner first haha! He is not only a douche but he is also a freak.


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  1. Milk and cookies first date perhaps…uuuuummm???? Could this be the next “Got Milk?” ad?? I mean really????? Everyone has a Dark Side…..Kelly Clarkson said so right??…but I am not sure if asking your hostess for a refreshment of her own making is something you want to bust out like that…..I hope he was joking…or trying to joke…or failing at a joke there. If not…sounds like he may have a thirst to quench there…and it’s not for blood either all you True Blood fans out there…-M.M.P


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