I spent a great deal of time at the new boyfriends this weekend and his almost 20-year-old daughter was home a lot of the time. I saw a side of her that reminded me of a young me. She was uncomfortable with the way someone was acting in her home at a cookout and she was not afraid to speak her mind and stand her ground. She demands respect and fights for what she believes in.. I am thrilled that although we had an awkward first introduction, we are starting to form a close bond. She put her arm around me Saturday night and looked her father in the face and said “Dad, please don’t fuck this up, she’s a keeper”

She’s a feisty young woman with a pretty amazing dad. He’s a little crazy and a bit quirky but he has a huge heart and raised this girl who clearly gets her passion from him. She’s a girl after my own heart and I have to give him props for raising this strong, independent girl.

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