Maybe it’s my past with men or it’s just my inner nature but I have always wanted to know that I could be independent and secure if I had to be on my own. I never, ever wanted to or want to rely on a man for financial or emotional support no matter how good the relationship is or how confident I am in its future.

Part of thinks that it’s my need for control or my desire to be completely independent or maybe even a combination but I am genuinely uncomfortable relying on men. I don’t want to feel like I need a man or be stuck in a relationship that I don’t want to be in for financial reasons. So I will always bust my ass and make the most of my finances to know that no matter what happens in my roller coaster of a love life, my kids and I will be just fine.

With that being said, my relationship is still going strong and all is well but it doesn’t mean that I plan on relying on him anytime soon or ever 🙂

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