Written by request for my friend who is back in the on-line dating scene.

1) If you are in contact with someone you like from the site ask them for their email address by telling them it’s easier to be in contact with them that way. Then reverse their email address on Facebook and google. Why you ask? Because when I was on Match.com two guys who were interested in me were “in a relationship” on Facebook.

2) Do not be afraid of the block option. Some guys get angry when you don’t respond to them even if you’re not interested. Save yourself the aggravation of the angry messages and just hit BLOCK. It’s their for a reason, use it.

3) Before meeting anyone, always have a phone conversation with them first. It seems like an obvious thing but I know plenty of girls who have gone out with guys after only communicating via text or message. Talk to them to one, hear their voice (see https://fiercelyanya.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/just-how-important-is-a-mans-voice/) and two, because you can get a much better feeling about someone after real conversation.

4) NEVER, EVER let them pick you up or go in their car. You should always meet them out so that you can have an escape plan and because they are strangers. If you don’t agree, spend a few hours watch the ID TV channel.

5) If they have any shirtless photos that were not taken at the beach there is a good change that they are a douche. This is really just a warning. See more dating website red flags: https://fiercelyanya.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/idatedthatdouche-com-version-of-red-flags/

6) If you decide you like someone ask your other friends to take a peek at the guys picture to see if they look familiar. Why? Well once I found my friend’s boyfriend on a dating site and secondly because two of my friends who are on the same site got the same exact canned message from the same guy.

7) If your state has the information available, check to see if they have a criminal record.

For RI the link is  http://courtconnect.courts.ri.gov/pls/ri_adult/ck_public_qry_main.cp_main_disclaimer?search_option=party

8) If you have children do not put their photos on the dating site. There are creepers out there and they do not need to see your kids faces.

9) Do not give out too much personal information. Again maybe it’s the excessive crime TV I watch but unless you want to end up on the news limit what you tell them along with not letting them pick you up.

10) Lastly but most importantly FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCTS. How many times have you said that you thought it was a bad idea or you had a bad feeling but you went ahead anyway and it turned out awful? If you are uneasy about the guy, cut him loose.

Now happy shopping. For more on-line dating information: https://fiercelyanya.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/shopping-for-men/


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