1) DO NOT let them pick you up on the first date, always meet them somewhere and check in with a friend periodically.


2) If he sent you or requested naughty pictures before you went out with him, you shouldn’t be out on the date.


3) Don’t discuss your physcho ex-boyfriend, crazy ex-husband, traumatic childhood or need for anti-depressants.


4) Don’t show too much cleavage or leg. Sexy is good as long as it’s classy.



5) If you have children DO NOT let them meet your children at the beginning stages of the relationship.


6) Don’t discuss marriage or children.


7) If he doesn’t pay for the first date NEVER go out with him again.


8) If he reveals more than 3 red flags on the first date, run for the hills.


for more on red flags go to https://fiercelyanya.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/idatedthatdouche-com-version-of-red-flags/

9) If he talks incessantly about himself and doesn’t let you talk, don’t waste your time with the selfish bastard.


For more see https://fiercelyanya.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/beware-of-dogs/  (#1)

10) NEVER sleep with them on the first, second or even third date unless you are not looking for anything more than a booty call. Once a man gets the goods, everything changes


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