ImageLooking at this photo, although I cropped his face out, he just looks like a douche, taking a photo of himself while in the shower feature a red Solo cup behind him with his sneaky grin and unkempt facial hair but he knew how to lay on jthe charm THICK. Happy reading.

So my friend met this guy online and they hit it off right away. After a few days of online chatting, they exchanged numbers and started texting. The texting turned into phone calls because he just wanted to hear her voice on his breaks from work. Then they planned a date for the following week for dinner and drinks. He told her he just couldn’t wait a week to see her and begged for a quick meeting before the official date so she agreed and When they met, she was sold. He was exactly her type, he said the right things, looked her just the right way and she just melted. This was the Tuesday before their official date for the upcoming weekend.

During the course of the week, their phone calls turned into Skype calls because they just couldn’t get enough of each other. So when he asked her to spend the weekend with her, she agreed even though she knew it was probably too soon. He picks her up on Friday and couldn’t keep his off her and wanted to hold her hand the entire ride to his house which is about an hour away from her place. Again, this is a bit of a risk too, to let this “stranger” pick her up and drive her to his house but she told enough people where she would be so she felt safe.

When they arrive at his house she is very happy to see that it is a very nice home and he tells her “this could be your place someday” which puts a smile on her face.

They end up ordering pizza, watching a move and then headed to bed. The plan for the next day was to go grocery shopping together and then go to his friends house for drinks and a bonfire. She woke up first in the morning to a text from her sister asking if she and this guy wanted to meet her and her husband in Newport for the day. She waited for the guy to wake up and when he did he said he didn’t want to go to Newport or food shopping or anywhere for that matter, he wanted to bring her home later on instead because sometimes he just wants to be alone and do his own thing. Um really???

So then he decides he wants to bring her home right then and there after she told him that she wishes he told her sooner since she would have just made plans with her sister.

She calls her sister and her sister says that her husband will meet her at the Park and Ride on the way to Newport if he can drop her off there.

Before they live his house she asked him “If you don’t want to drive the hour to where I live and you just want to be alone, how would we ever be in a relationship?” His response was that they would talk about it on the ride. He goes through the drive through of Dunkin Donuts and gets them each a sandwich and a coffee and drive silently to the Park & Ride. When they arrive, they each smoke a cigarette and then he hands her the trash from Dunkin Donuts and says “Here, can you take this?” and tells her to get out of the car knowing her ride won’t be there for another hour.

After he leaves, she texts him

Her: “This sucks”

Him: “What?”

Her: “That you let me here waiting by myself.”

Him: “I guess it’s not going to work out.”

Her: “I guess not! Game well played.. point for you.”

Him: “I’m good at what I do”

Her: “No you actually suck at what you do.”

Him: “You’re not in my league”

Her: “I’m out of your league! I’m a good woman and a real woman and you wouldn’t know that because you’ve never had one!!! Delete my number and leave me the hell alone!!!!”

So ladies.. there is A LOT to learn from this and sadly I imagine that this guy has been playing this game for a long time. Wait until he messes with the wrong girl, because girls can be crazy!!! KARMA will get him.

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