A co-worker and friend always told me that “there is a lid for every pot”. Looking at some “interesting” couples I have come across, I have to agree. I forever told her that my lid was at some specialty store because I just couldn’t find it. Maybe I have found it now because so far so good with my current lid but only time will tell.

Some examples of these lids and pots are the following two  couples:

1) A guy I used to work with who was quite large, had a mullet with a tail, a nice earring and always exposed his ass crack. He found his lid twice. I never saw his first wife but I did see his current wife and she basically fit as his lid quite nicely. She had a unique look to her and her hair was dyed so red she could have stopped traffic. She cleared loved him, all of him, including his mullet.

2) A guy I went on a date with who was very simple, too simple and had a lazy wandering eye that I just couldn’t get past. I’m sure if I loved someone and something happened to them affecting their appearance it would be different. I know, I know, I am shallow but it was a first date and I didn’t even like him so the eye really bothered me. Not to mention it wasn’t even the appearance it was more that I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or not.  Plus he was boring. Well now he has a nice girlfriend who enjoys playing beach volleyball with him and all is well in the world. Perfect lid and pot.

I bet you all have your own examples of these lids and pots… I’m all ears.

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  1. I am sure that this crackpot has a lid out there for her. A lid not to contain me….oh nooo…but a lid that will handle the heat of life when things start to boil. That is a perfect fit.- M.M.P


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