1)” There is just something different about you” …translation: I tell every girl that there is something different about her to make her feel special and get in her pants.

2) “You make me want to be a better man”.. translation: You obviously know that I am an asshole but by saying this I will make you think that you can change me even though you can’t.

3) “I’m really just a nice guy who hasn’t met the right girl yet”.. translation: I was too much of a douche to realize it when I met the right girl and now I am screwed.

4) “All of the girls I dated were crazy”.. translation: I was such a douche that I made them all crazy.

5) “I’m just not ready for a serious relationship because I was really hurt by my ex”..translation: I would rather screw around with lots of girls and not commit and that sounds like a great excuse.


  1. What a man says and what it translates to in Fiercely’s mind:

    Man: I won the lottery and I am worth millions.
    Fiercely: If he is worth millions and has not met someone yet something must be wrong with him. Not interested.

    M: I am an average guy with an average job.
    F: Sorry average guys don’t give me butterflies, next.

    M: I am broke and have no job.
    F: Go away

    M: I am 40 and have no children
    F: He must have a low sperm count. Low testosterone too. See ya.

    M: Can I take you out for a few drinks?
    F: Drinks and no dinner, he just wants to get me drunk and have sex. Nope!

    M: That shirt looks nice on you.
    F: He just wants to see my tits. Beat it.

    M: Did you have a nice weekend?
    F: He just wants to know if I went out with anyone else. None of your business.


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