Two months after Mr. Disappearing Act disappeared:

I receive a text from a number that I don’t recognize.

Him: “Hi”

Me: “Hi, Who is this?”

Him: “Mr. disappearing Act” (Since I never use names) AKA The man in Uniform.

Me:  “What’s up?”

Him: “I’m so sorry about everything. I can explain.”

Me: “I’m heading into a movie so you will have to explain later”

Him: “Can you call me after the movie? Please?”

So because I was curious and to answer my question of “What the fuck happened” from the precious blog about him, I decided to call.

I was expecting to hear something more exciting or understandable but what I heard was pretty uneventful. He said that there was a lot of drama going on with his ex-wife and he needed to know if her and this young guy were actually together or just friends so he could explain the guys presence to his kids and blah blah blah. I responded with “So basically you were still hung up on your ex-wife and you needed to know what was going on in her life so that you could move on and you didn’t have the balls to call and tell me so you chose to be disrespectful and just ignore me.” He said he had never looked at it that way but that he guesses that maybe I was right and he is really sorry for pushing me away because he really liked me. He said that he is in a good place now and things are settled down. I explained to him that his timing was not good because I am seeing someone now. He asked me about the guy and he said that he knows that he really fucked this up and wishes me the best but if things don’t work out he would love an opportunity to take me out again.

I’m not impressed other than with his apology but I will add this as another lesson learned. Guys who are too newly divorced are never a good idea.



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