Pay attention if the guy you start dating has any of the following “red flags”….

1) Has reached the age of 40 and has never been married.
2) Lives at home with his mother.
3) Hasn’t had a long term relationship within the past 4 years or one that lasted more than 4 years.  (this of course depends on the age of the guy, the older – the more relevant)
4) Has a significant amount of random women on his facebook photos and/or lots of comments with winks on his wall.
5) Text inappropriate photos of himself, especially of his”prized possession” and/or asks you for inappropriate photos.
6) Leaves his phone in the car when he is out with you and/or never answers his phone when with you.  And is secretive of his phone around you, like he is hiding something.
7) Uses the phrase “I’m just a really nice guy, I just can’t seem to find the right girl”.
8) He drinks too much and then stares at other women due to his lack of self-control.
9) He takes a very long time to respond to texts and/or calls on a regular basis.
10) He can’t spell and/or has difficulty with grammar. You can’t fix stupid.
11) He has children with multiple women.
12) And lastly, he doesn’t adapt well to change.
One to two of these is not alarming. Three to four – it is a banner. Five or more and it’s a billboard that reads RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN


  1. How about the jerk who tells you he is breaking up with you to go back to his religion JEHOVAH WITNESS and all the while he is seeing some younger bimbo!!!!


  2. Also, if he tells you he doesn’t trust people (meaning women).
    He tells you his past gf’s cheated on him — more than two is not a coincidence; it means there’s a reason (him).
    He had a relationship that lasted several years but yet refused to cohabitate.
    Tells you you’re special, yet continues to shop for other women online.


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