1) You are too accommodating- you always go to him instead of him to you. You change your schedule or cancel plans for him but he never does for you.

2) You pay for most or all of your “dates”

3) He never takes you out and just asks you to come over

4) You are his late night call

5) He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend.

6) He doesn’t bring you around his friends or family

7) His facebook status says single and his profile includes no photos of you,

8) He is always busy when you ask him to accompany you to parties or events.

9) He changes the subject when you ask him about your future.

10) He doesn’t respond to your calls or texts on a regular basis and uses excuses like “my phone died” or “I left my phone at home or in the car” or “I didn’t get your call/text”


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