1) He has cheated in past relationships, especially if it was more than once.
2) He cheated on his girlfriend with you. If he did it to her, he will do it to you.
3) He regularly makes excuses for not responding to your calls or texts within a reasonable amount of time.
4) He is always getting held up at work, it may even be someone at work!
5) He accuses you of lying or cheating, tell tale sign that he’s the one lying and cheating.
6) You never have sex.
7) He starts paying a lot more attention to the way he looks (dressing better, working out a lot). It’s probably for someone else since men get very comfortable otherwise.
8) His phone is in hiding and/or locked or he gets nervous to look at it when you are by his side.
9) He picks fights with you and storms out of the house becoming unreachable for hours. It’s the perfect plan to meet up with his mistress.
10) His friends are all cheaters. Generally, you are who you hand around with.

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