Last night I encountered a female douche. I named her the douchette. She is one of the reasons that there are so many douche bags in this world. This 30 year old woman behaved like a horny 18 year old girl, bumping and grinding with anyone who had a penis, forcing all the attention onto herself while talling young boys she would shove her pearls up their ass and even ending up in a bathroom with a guy who is practically married. It’s because of girls like her who give it up so easily and behave like trashy whores that we have this major problem of douchy men. So until this douchettes stop behaving like this, douche bags will always exist. *sigh*


  1. Really? It’s because of women like that? The guy was ” practically” married? Give me a break. Don’t blame men’s disgusting behavior on some girl who has a low self esteem and needs attention. If men weren’t douchebags they wouldn’t be douchebags. I’ve been cheated on multiple times and I’ve never blamed the chick. It’s not her fault or anybody else’s that my boyfriend couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. It was his fault because he was a fucking SLOB and a worthless excuse for a man. Real men don’t cheat. Nice try blaming another female for filthy men’s wrong doings. Maybe if women like you didn’t coddle them like babies and blame other people for their poor decisions then they would take a little responsibility once in a while and things would change. Wow


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