My friend met a guy online who was a tad younger than her, but tad I mean 8 years younger. This good looking 28 year old wants to go out on a date with my friend and she agrees. She is a divorced mom of 2 kids and recently got back into the dating scene. The date falls on a rainy day so they decide to do something different and go play indoor mini golf. While standing in line waiting to get their tickets she hears a familiar voice that says “Hi mom”. It takes her a minute to realize that it’s one of her sons and she is thinking “oh shit”. So here she is on a first date with this young guy and he is about to meet her kids and wait…not just her kids ALL of her ex-inlaws. Awkward.  So you can’t ignore your kids and they wanted to keep checking to see how her mini golf game was going while giving her hugs and kisses. When the shock wore off, the guy was a good sport but the first date was definitely their last.



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