I read the stories on Idatedthatdouche.com and I think, what the fuck, was I that stupid when I was in love? The answer to that is YES. As I said before it seems that love makes us stupid, maybe even mildly retarded. We can see when one of our friends is in a shitty relationship and find ourselves thinking “I would NEVER put up with that” but the reality of it is, we probably would if we were in love with the same douche that she is in love with. I am still working on this unsolved mystery of why love makes us so stupid and I swear I will figure it out some day but in the meantime I just have to ensure that I do not fall in love. I don’t think that will be a problem right now since I seem to find something wrong with anyone I date but that whole falling in love thing seems to sneak up on people. It’s kind of like getting mugged, you know if you are in a dangerous neighborhood that it could happen but you still don’t expect it when someone jumps out of an alley and grabs your purse. With love, they just grab your heart when you least expect it.

So ladies, try not to judge your friends too much if they are dating a douche and most importantly try to look at a guy that you are interested in from an outside perspective, including listing his red flags and rating his douche status before you let him steal your heart!

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