I managed to stalker free for 15 years until.. NOW. At least back then it was easier to get rid of a stalker with less technology. All I had to do then was change my license plate, address, and phone number.

This time might be a little trickier. It seems that the guy who I cancelled on because he was a creeper, is even creepier than I thought. I was wrong about him being a potential stage 4 clinger, he’s actually more of stalker with very low self esteem. THANK GOD I followed my gut and cancelled on this weirdo for what would have been our first date. Granted I didn’t know that he was filthy rich when I cancelled, but my friend said to me “You may find yourself locked in closet, even if it is a really nice walk-in”

I canceled on him 2 weeks ago and even though we have NEVER met in person, he wants to be friends. Um that’s weird because we were never friends and you live an hour away but whatever, keep my number have at it. He starts sending me little texts here and there, with inside information about the Celtics and pictures of him dressed up for a wedding and even a picture of a flower for me. I ignore almost every message he sends me. He even asks me if I would consider running in a race with with him in the a few months.WHAT? Again, I say no. Two days ago he sends me series of texts that include “My daughter was asking me how things were going with us and said that you and your kids should come tubing on the boat with us” WTF??? I have never met you or your daughter and I told you that you creeped me out by talking to your daughter about me. I respond with “oh, that’s nice” and then he asks me if they would like that, which I ignore and do not respond to.

Does he take the hint?? NO. The next day,the minute my feet hit the petals of the elliptical at the gym this afternoon I get a text “How is the treadmill today?” Now I am officially frightened! This is not the first time that this has happened. I didn’t even check myself in on FB at the gym when I got there not that he’s on my facebook or even knows my last name (at least not to my knowledge). He mentioned something about buying a gym as part of his buiness, does he own my gym and knows when I swipe my card??

It’s now time to take advantage of the fantastic feature that my cell phone carrier offers called blocking a person’s number.

There are clearly many reasons that this fairly good- looking established man with boatloads of money is single!!!

PS if I ever go missing, look for me in Putnam Connecticut!

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