Written by a friend about her experience:

I worked with this girl years ago that wanted to fix me up with this guy.  She said he was in business, made good money and had a nice car so I said sure, why not.  We were meeting at her friends house for a cookout then a hay ride with a large group of people.     So we get to the cookout and had some snacks and cocktails.  The guy showed up already drunk, barely said hi to me, and continued drinking.  I just hung out with my friend and enjoyed the party anyway.    So the hayride began and I sat with my girls up front and the drunk sat in the rear with yet more booze.  He was so drunk that he fell off the back of the hayride, and they had to stop the tractor and throw him back on the hayride.    When the ride was over,  we were again at the house for the rest of the food and drinks.  All of a sudden the drunk guy came into the kitchen where I was hanging out.  He has hanging over the counter trying not to fall over.  He then started eating the bean dip with his cupped hand. He eventually wandered off and was found vomiting on the front lawn.     All the way home, my girlfriend couldn’t stop apoligizing to me, but I told her not to worry, I’m glad I saw his true colors right off the bat.

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