I ended up at a club tonight. I don’t know how it happened but it was actually pretty enjoyable. I think that I enjoyed it because I knew there was no way in hell that I was going there to try to hook up with anyone, although I fell in lust with a very tall and handsome bald guy who I would have given my number to in a hot minute. All I really went there for is to listen to some good music, dance and be with my friends.

I watched as the half naked 20 something year old girls danced and scoped out the scenery. Considering I’m a 36 year old, I still managed to do what I did when I was 20. My girlfriends and I didn’t have to pay the cover charge to get in and had champagne and shots bought for us all night. I was a little thrown off when my drink order was taken by a midget but he was a fun midget and a pretty good dancer.  

So all in all, what I learned tonight is that I think I still “have it” and I also got some pretty great advice from my friend’s brother. 1) Guys love a challenge 2) Guys will chase you as long as you don’t give a shit about them, you should always be too busy for them 3) I think your last boyfriend didn’t have the same priorities as you and was a boy. You need  a man.

Points taken. Lesson learned. 🙂


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