So I met this guy on-line and we got to talking and it turns out that we were out in the same area tonight so he stopped by the bar where my friends and I were to meet me in person. I knew going into this that he was successful, educated, a good father and as it turns out because this is such a small state, I learned he was a good guy through a mutual friend. I saw a photo of him and he was attractive, not “I would check you if I wasn’t being set up with you” attractive, but still, attractive.

He walked in and headed towards the table my friends and I were sitting at and the first thing that I notice is.. his shirt. The undershirt is a a ribbed off-white V-neck tee shirt and the outer shirt is a a yellowish, velour button down with a pattern. There is no sugar coating it, it’s absolutely hideous.

I try to look past this shirt and focus on the conversation, but it’s overpowering. He walks away for a minute and I say to my friends, “I don’t know if I can get past his shirt”. One of them says, “I’m not going to lie, it’s the first thing I noticed.” And the other one says. “Come on, it’s just a shirt. If you end up together you can get rid of all of his clothes and buy new ones”. She has a point because I did that with my ex-husband and it worked, for his fashion sense anyway.

And really who am I? I sound like such a shallow bitch. It’s not like I’m a runway model. And maybe he doesn’t even like me? I know that my outfit is cute but I am no Gisele. We end the night and say good-bye and I get into my car to head home and discuss the situation with my friend. I tell her that I don’t know if I like him, not feeling a spark and the shirt is really bothering me. She makes me promise that I will give him another chance and go out with him one on one and if he wears another shirt like that, then re-evaluate then. We make a pinky swear promise that I will do that and she will cut ties with all of the guys who are in the 3 red flag category in her phone contact list. Done. I always keep my promises so I guess if the “shirt guy” asks me out, I will say yes. Aside from the shirt, his best friend was with him and he has a “porn star mustache”. I chalk it up to the fact that he and his friend are 7 years old than me and it’s taking them longer to break out of the 80’s.

Maybe there will be spark if he’s dressed in something different. Or maybe I find these ridiculous things wrong with everyone I meet because I don’t really want to be with anyone after all? Or maybe he won’t even ask me out. So many questions, so little answers…

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