I meet boy (the one in uniform)

He expresses interested in me.

He requests me as a friend on Face book. (REMBER THIS IS MY PERSONAL PAGE WITH NO ACCESS TO THE BLOG)

First date: A few days later we go out and have a great time on our first date that was supposed to be an hour and turns into 4 hours. After the date, he texts me immediately that he had a great time and can’t wait to see me again.

As the days pass: He calls and texts daily and we make plans for a second date.

Second date:  One week later, we meet for lunch and have a great time. He tells me that he mentioned me to his parents. I am surprised but also flattered. We end the date so that I can go back to work and continue to stay in daily contact

Planning: We try to plan a third date but have some scheduling conflicts but again continue daily contact, almost always initiated by him.

One week later: Sunday, He calls me during the half time of the Celtics game and we chat about the game as we are both fans and I tell him I am leaving the bar where I was watching the first half to head home. He asks me if I want to call him back and I say sure I will call you in a little bit. He had already commented on my face book status/check in so he knew that I was there with a few friends. I get home and called him. No answer. I send him a text that read “Hey, I’m home for the night if you want to call me when you get your kids settled” He responds and says “Ok in a little bit 🙂 “


Monday, (the next afternoon) I send him a text, “Hey, did you forget about me?”

He responds that he’s sorry he fell asleep last night and was doing stuff today. I respond that it’s no problem and we go back and forth a few texts.


Wednesday: CRICKETS

Thursday: CRICKETS


Saturday morning: I send a text that reads “Hey, how come you dropped off the face of the earth?”


Saturday night: I delete his phone number and de-friend him on face book.

I never even had the chance to find out if he was a good kisser!

Can someone please tell me what the fuck happened?????




  1. Ugh! That is soooo frustrating. That has definitely happened to me before and I always used to wrack my brain thinking “what did I do, what did I say, did he see something he didn’t like”. You know what? There’s absolutely NOTHING you did wrong. Who knows why he dropped the connection, but its definitely HIS problem, not yours. And you know what else? He’s missing out on a beautiful, confident, funny, kind-hearted girl. He’s a knucklehead. Bottom line. Period.


  2. Dear Fiercely Searching,

    You never got to find out if he was a good kisser? Four hours on the first date and a good second date…did you at least give him a handshake? Oh wait it was uniform guy, was he an officer that you salute? Was his shirt too ugly. Oh wrong guy.

    In case you did not notice you are dating not going on a job interview. I am not saying you need to give a guy the key to your chastity belt on the first date, but you can show some emotion.

    Was there a spark between you and uniform guy?

    Maybe if you kissed him you would have found out that he is a good kisser. More importantly he would have thought the same of you thereby wanting to call you again.

    Now we will never know.


    1. Ok hear me out. I would have totally kissed the guy if he went for it. There was a spark & honestly have no idea what happened. I reached in & gave him a hug & was wondering if he was going to kiss me. He was a little shy so maybe that’s why he didn’t kiss me? If he wasn’t attracted to me he wouldnt have continued to pursue me & tell me I was hot right?


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