I’ve noticed that there are a lot of creepy old guys around who seem push the limits because they figure we won’t kick them in the balls since they’re old. There is a guy who works in the mailroom at my office who I’m guessing is pushing 80 and his cute little compliments have turned into something not so cute. I don’t mind if you call me sweetheart or tell me I’m looking good but when you tell one of my friends that she is your fantasy and you stroke my hair as you walk by, I am officially grossed out. Not only do I not want to know if your thing still works but I don’t even want to realize that you have one!

This guy is the same age as my grandparents and the fact that he is drooling over girls from age 25 and up is a little disturbing. I guess it just solidifies my belief that men are pigs forever. They start as teenagers and apparently die as hornballs too.

I know that my girlfriends and I scope out guys, even very young ones and sometimes we think things that are probably 100 times worse than men but you don’t see us going around grabbing guys asses, especially at work.

Maybe it’s not that guys are hornier then girls, it’s just that they have absolutely no self control?

Even when you think about how they check us out versus the way we check them out. They look us up and down doing the “eye-groping” and all that they come out with in the end is the size of our boobs and if they want to see us naked. Women are much more subtle so that it’s not as noticeable when we check them out and what we end up noticing is if they have a wedding band on, if their shoes are nice, their clothing style, the color of their eyes and hair, their height and body type and if they have nice teeth, that’s all!

All I know is that I haven’t come across anyone complaining about creepy old ladies, maybe just a few out of control cougars, so guys do us all a favor, when you get old, please don’t become a creeper!  

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