That is a phrase that I have been saying since I met my first boy and was able to talk. The problem is they have not become less confusing over they years; on the contrary , I find them even more confusing now then I ever did before. After many conversations with my ladies, I know that I’m not alone here.

Things boys do that make us confused:

Scenario 1: They pursue us with all of their might by calling and texting us, they make plans and take us to nice places, they say nice things to us for no reason and make us feel special and then all of a sudden, NOTHING. CRICKETS. They forget we exist.


Scenario 2: They send texts that read “Thinking of you” or “Hope to see you soon” or “Miss you” but make no effort to make plans with you.


Scenario 3: When they know that something is going to upset us or make us mad they avoid us like the plague instead of using the Balls God gave them to address the issue.


Scenario 4: They lie about stupid things to keep themselves out of trouble when it only gets them in more trouble. FYI Boys- We prefer the truth even if it sucks.


 Scenario 5: They take us for granted and don’t give us the attention that we deserve UNTIL we kick them to the curb and ignore them and then they are up our ass and begging for a second chance.


Those are the most recent scenarios from my friends and myself but clearly there are many more things that boys do to confuse us!

Ladies…any more scenarios to add?





  1. Dear man hater,
    #1, it is about the chase. Men need to know if they still “got it”. Unfortunately once we catch the girl she opens her mouth and that is what turns us off.
    #2, If the text comes during the day, we are thinking of sex and we are hoping to keep you “on deck”. If the text comes at night, we are thinking of sex and we are looking for a booty call.
    #3, This does not apply to all men but I assume if a guy has to avoid a problem it is because he really does not like the idea of an atom bomb blowing up in his face. If he had reasonable person to deal with, maybe he would not avoid issues.
    #4, see #3. A little white lie might be easier than getting someone blowing up at you over small stuff. Some women make a big deal about everything so I can only expect that their men try to avoid that at all costs.
    #5, see #2


  2. Hey, this is why we need to do this YouTube show…Many things you mentioned above are human traits, not men traits…women do some of the same shit!!!! Holla!!!! LMAO!!!!!


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