I realize that I have developed a low or maybe no tolerance anymore for “dating bullshit”. If I don’t hear from a guy who is pursuing me within a certain amount of time, I delete their number. If they don’t make plans with me in advance on the days I don’t have my kids, I make other plans. I guess that after all of the years of putting up  bullshit, I just don’t feel the need anymore. I figure that worst case scenario, the guy will give up on me and that makes him not worth it. The next man in my life needs to do show me that they will fight to keep me, make me feel important and not give up when it’s the easiest thing to do. If that doesn’t happen, then I continue to be alone. I am not lonely or bored and although I don’t like it, I cut my own lawn and do my own cooking on the grill. When I need something fixed or moved, I reach out to my guy friends, or often borrow my friend’s husbands. I have great friends who I spend a lot of my free time with when I’m not with my kids.

So why do I need to put up with bullshit? Oh yeah, I don’t. I will keep living my life, enjoying what I have and of course keep enjoing my dates. And if and when those dates lead to love again, then great. And of not, that’s ok too.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. If a man is going to only subtract from your life than he is not even worth the time spent thinking about him. A woman of character only makes additions to her life that will bring her to another level of gorgeous and strong…


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