Being out with 6 single ladies is always a good time and there is so much to talk about. Unfortunately, the conversations always lead us back to what we all already know, men suck! I can say that because one of my guy friends who met out with us last night admitted it. He knows that he sucks, and not as a person, a professional, or as a father, he only sucks as a boyfriend or husband. He admits that still needs to be kept in check even with a young, beautiful and personable woman on his arm. She’s probably the first girl that he’s dated who I actually like and if he screws it up with her, I wouldn’t mind adding her to our girls group.

Throughout the night with the girls, the conversations brought up some of our own experiences as well as our friend’s experiences. When dating websites came up, one of the girls told us that a guy who she met on Plenty of Fish took her on a date to PETCO, that’s right, PETCO. Another girl, who is very pretty and in great shape, spoke about her soon to be ex-husband who we determined fits in the dreamer category that I wrote about earlier. In addition to being an unemployed dreamer, he’s a cheater. He cheated on this attractive and successful woman, and now he now only likes obese girls. There was not enough time to try to analyze this guy, so we had to move on. I may have to revisit this one..

We finally decided to stop talking and head to a place that had a band playing so we could dance the night away. As soon as we got there, the bouncer bought all of us our first round of drinks. From what we gathered he wanted to make sure we stayed, whatever his motive was, thanks for drink Bob. It’s always a good start when you don’t have to pay for your first drink.

To our surprise, it wasn’t the men we had to worry about getting too comfortable on the dance floor, it was the women. A few of the women were definitely playing for the other team, which I am totally fine with, but it seemed like they were trying to get us to switch teams too. I think they almost succeeded with one of the girls but if I haven’t turned into a lesbian by now and trust me I wish I could, then it’s probably not going to happen!

So aside from hearing more horror stories about men and being violated by a woman, it was a really fun night. I can’t wait to do it again!


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