Now that multiple male friends have outright told me that men are cheaters I am starting to wonder if there are any monogamous men out there? One of my male friends who is nearing 50 years old has admitted that he has NEVER been faithful to any woman. Another one of my friends who is in his mid 30’s told me this (exact quote) ” We like you girls so much that we convince ourselves that monogamy will work with us… but in the long run its just something that at some point is doomed to fail. The sad part is that most chicks will never see or hear about it when it fails. I do believe that it can work the same way with chick too. but that’s due to a lack of something from the male. like attention, respect, ……”

I then asked the question that I also already knew the answer to: ” Do you think that technology and access to texting, facebook, dating sites etc gives so much more accessibility to women that men cheat even more?” He answered with no hesitation, “Yes”.

I know from experience between my ex-husband going on a dating website for married men looking for action 8 years into our marriage to my ex-boyfriend texting ex girlfriends that he missed them and his “friend” from work that I can confirm that he is correct. While technology makes it easier to catch them, it also gives them much more access.

What I need to know from all of the men reading this blog is the truth…

Are you faithful when in a relationship?

Why do you need so much attention from women?

And lastly, if you are not faithful.. WHY?




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