Prospects that were IMMEDIATELY EXCLUDED:

 #1) The one thing I am most passionate about: Playing ultimate Frisbee. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why he is eliminated.


#2) Occupation; Gaming. So not only do you play video games, but it’s also your job. Awesome.


#3) The one thing I am most passionate about: I don’t know what to put in my profile and I hope you girls can cut me some slack on that. I don’t think I have a defining passion, if I do it changes everyday. I like Veterans, Video games, guitars, freedom, education, science, cats, dolphins, chess, sports cars, rock music, artists, the sun, life on earth, democracy, FDR, south park, Dr. House (sort of), comedy, long hair, laughing, levni Yilmaz, and some things you have to ask. I don’t like stupid people, social conservatives, corporate greed, spelling Nazis, real Nazis, communists, self serving liars. But really, no stereotypes. Or labels.  There are so many reasons I could list as to why this man is single I don’t even know where begin.


#4) Opening line: “Rich,well traveled,good looking guy,seeks gal who will believe anything” If he really is rich and good looking, there is a very good reason why he’s still single and I don’t want to be the one to find out why.  


#5) Opening line: I DONT GET IT… AM I THAT UGLY OR INTIMADATING? I’m tempted to answer him and say this: No, you’re not ugly, you’re actually kindof hot but I think that the problem might be at least one of the following 1- Your profile picture is you flipping off the camera and is with a girl who you cut out of the picture 2) Your remaining photos are of you shirtless, (including one that if you pulled you pants any lower I would see your goods) taking your own photo and expose some tattoos that you may or may not have gotten while either in prison or a gang.



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