Last night Gabrielle Union was on Chealsea Lately and she said something that resonated with me’ “I’ve dated a lot of “dreamers”, some people call them dreamers or my parents called them losers”. She was initially talking about her movie, Think like a Man, where she plays a woman who has a long-time boyfriend who never progresses from his college years. He never really gets a great job, is very much into his bong and has his bachelor furniture (this sounds all too familiar). But when she spoke about the “dreamers”, she was referring to her real dating past.Gabrielle is a beautiful, intelligent, successful woman and still managed to fall into this patern of dating men who had little to offer and little going for them. AlthoughI know that I’m no Gabrilee Union, I do know that I have been selling myself short. I don’t want to date anymore “dreamers” who can’t put their dream plans into action. You’re either a winner or a loser. It’s one thing to be down an out; I have been there before. I have lost a job, hit financial hardships, and had to take a few steps backwards but there is a difference between a rough time in your life and being a loser. I have never met anyone who spent years as a loser and suddenly become a winner. So it’s time to leave the “dreamers” behind and find someone who has turned some of their dreams into reality!

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