Here I was in a downward dog position in yoga class with about 20 other women when two guys walked in with their yoga mats. I almost felt violated because I knew that they were staring at every girl’s ass while we were bent over “aiming our hips to the ceiling” as directed. What’s worse than knowing a guy is staring at your ass which is practically in his face? It’s realizing that there are younger, smaller and firmer asses all around you. I am now wishing that I was at the studio where I used to practice yoga that had dim lighting. Damn Living Social for giving me this deal at this well lit studio. Well in the end the only good looking guy was the one who signed me up for the class and he only stayed for a few minutes. I ended up enjoying the class, especially after I stopped sucking in my stomach and started breathing again. But to all of you guys out there… maybe yoga class is the place to be. You are surrounded by women and you can tell how in shape and flexible they are… just a thought!

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